Winless in Europe Cup12-11-2015


BC Kalev/Cramo continued their FIBA Europe Cup season with a game in basically Asia, 5000 km from Tallinn in a Siberian city Krasnojarsk, where they lost to local Jenissei  77:70 (51:36) . Gregor Arbet made 4 three pointers and had 17 points, Rolands Freimanis and Brandis Raley-Ross added 12 and Sten Sokk 9 points. For Jenissei, 22 year old Denis Zahharov had 17, Pavel Spiridonov, Delroy James and DJ Kennedy added 11 points, Kennedy also grabbed 15 rebounds. Kalev/Cramo was weak in the rebounding area losing the battle 27:46 (offensive boards 8:16). Free-throws were also quite different, Kalev made 7/11 while Jenissei had more than twice the amount of free-throws 14/24. Today turnovers weren’t the biggest problem, Kalev had 11 to opponents 20.

Kalev/Cramo now has 3 losses from 3 games, Jenissei is unbeaten with three victories. There still lies a theoretical chance for Kalev to go on to the next round – for that to happen they need to win every game in the second round. There also might be a small chance to advance with 2 wins, but they have to come against Maccabi and Lukoil. In a week, BC Kalev/Cramo will face Maccabi in Israel and if they can’t win there, their Europe Cup season will end without advancing to the next round and with a disappointment.
Kalev started great today and in a little bit more than two minutes from the start lead 9:4. Arbet, Veideman and Sokk all made a three. Jenissei responded 12:2 led by Zahharov and Spiridonov and took the lead 16:11. Arbet and Veideman helped to keep the game close but with great fast-breaks off turnovers Jenissei took the first quarter 28:22 (2p shots 7/9). Both Zahharov and Arbet had 10 points. Jenissei started the second quarter off with a flyer, Vzdõhhalkin and James both scored from deep and the hosts led 36:24.  Arbet made another three, Raley-Ross added an and1 to cut down the deficit to 7, but the end of the half was chaos for Kalev. Both defense and offense broke down and first half ended 51:36 for Jenissei.

The second half started great for Kalev, they played good defense and Jenissei didn’t make a single shot in three minutes, after Arbet scored another three the lead was down to seven (54:47)! The smallest deficit was 6 during the quarter but at the end fourth quarter started 65:55. In the first minutes of 4th quarter, Kalev was down 14 points. But great team play sparked a comeback with a 11:2 spurt in which 5 players scored and the deficit was down to 5 with less than 5 minutes left. Jenissei’s play showed that they seemed to be in a little panic. Unfortunately then came the decisive turn to the game, DJ Kennedy stole the ball from Freimanis who also fouled him, he’d go on to miss both free-throws but the steal got the hosts going. Zahharov dunked to get the lead back up to nine. There was 2,5 minutes left on the clock,  with the game going down the wire, the referees decisions started to affect Kalev players more and more who felt harm done. Minute before the end Spiridonov scored and finished the game.

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