Tough loss to Azovmash drops Kalev/Cramo to last place in VTB United League05-03-2013


Estonian Champion BC Kalev/Cramo had an important game in VTB United League on Monday night, when they hosted Azovamash from Mariupol, Ukraine. Unfortunately Kalev had to face the loss to Azovmash 73:77. With that loss, Kalev dropped last in their group in VTB United League.

Kalev started the game good, finishing first quarter 26:19 and won also first half 43:42. By the end of 3rd quarter Kalev was leading 61:56 and in the middle of 4th quarter Kalev was still up – 67:60,  but the end of the game belonged to visitors. Azovmash made 11:0 run and turned the game to a sweet victory 77:73.  At the last possession of the game when Kalev was down by 3, Keith McLeod gave a bad pass that sank all the hopes for Kalev. Last point for Azovmash was scored from the freethrow.

Best scorers for Kalev were Frank Elegar with 16 and Gary Wilkinson with 12 points. For the winners Miroslav Raduljica had 14 and Tadija Dragicevic 13 points and 10 rebounds.

Kalev/Cramo has now 3 wins and 13 losses.  Azovmash has the  same number of wins and losses, but as they  beat Kalev in both games, they have better standing compare to Kalev.

Kalev has two games left in VTB United League – away against Krasnõje Krõlja and home against Astana.

Last team in the group will start next season from the qualifying round.

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