Second win in VTB27-10-2014


BC Kalev/Cramos first home game at VTB was like two games – 35 minutes they totally controlled the game (72:51) but in the last 5 minutes Krõlja outscored them 3:20 but they managed to hold on for the victory  75:71. Gregor Arbet made 6 three pointers, scored 24 points and 6 rebounds. Rain Veideman and Scot Machado both added 13 points, Veideman also dished out 6 assists. Krõljas best scorer was latvian Kaspars Berzins who scored 17 points. Kalev did especially well stopping two of Krõljas best scorers Scott Reynolds scored only 9 and Kevin Bristol 5 points

Krõljas coach Boris Sokolovskiy said that they started poorly but managed to fix their game in the second half but Kalev deserved the victory. When asked about if he is afraid of losing his position as head coach he replied: “Being a head coach you are never protected. But next week they will have a team meeting with the clubs front office who aren’t happy with the loss.”

Alar Varrak said that ofcourse its good to win but he never wants to feel what he felt in the last 5 minutes he also added: ” Maybe we started holding the lead too much, unfortunately both Keedus and Elegar got their fifth foul and that changed our game, opponents got their self confidence and we didnt make any shots at all. I had also used all of our time-outs and it was difficult to stop their rythm. Good that we hold on on our lead and took the win here.”

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