Northern derby – first win in VTB this season20-10-2015


Fans are joyful after BC Kalev/Cramo’s first win in VTB this season. Titled northern derby, Kalev/Cramo hosted Finnish neighbors Loimaa Nilan Bisons and got a sweet victory 83:78 (42:38).

Marco Killingsworth had an excellent game with 24 points and 8 rebounds, Arbet added 17, Sokk 10 while both Boone and Veideman had 8 points. Ronald Clark scored 23 points for Bisons while Finnish national team players Mikko Koivisto had 18 and Tuukka Kotti 12 points. Bisons also made 14 of their 35 three point attempts which helped them keep the game tight until the end.

Head coach Alar Varrak was pleased with his players, highlighting their low turnover amount (10) and noting that every win is priceless in VTB. “We got off to a great start but kind of lost our rhythm with substitutions and the game was tight until the end. At the end we had a good lead but they made a few crazy three point shots which got the game exciting again. Ronald Clark was a big surprise, before today he had averaged only about 4 minutes per game and we didn’t have a lot of information about him – he was not their main rotation guy but proved otherwise today making 5 of his 8 three point attempts.  That was certainly a surprise which with in worst case scenario could have cost us the game.”

  1. If Im not mistaken the only plopee left that are not solids are Rottino, Edgin, and Herrera correct? So we officially haveC Thole, Nickeas1B Davis2B Murphy, TurnerSS Tejeda, Cedeno 3B WrightLF Bay, BaxterCF TorresRF Duda, HairstonSP Santana, Dickey, Niese, Gee, PelfreyRP Francisco, Ramirez, Rauch, Brydak, Parnell, Acosta, Batista.Now if Torres starts on the DL then Rottino makes it. If Brydak starts on the DL its STILL a battle between Edgin and Herrera although Im sure Herrera has the upper hand

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