Kalev/Cramo lost to Nymbruk10-10-2013


First home game in VTB United League didn’t give us excepted and hoped result. Kalev lost to Czech champs – CEZ Nymburk 78:82 (43:45). Winner of the game wasn’t decided until the very last seconds of the game. In the beginning of the fourth quarter Kalev reached to tie the game 58:58, but from this point on scoring was a trouble for home team. 1 minute and 9 seconds until the end of the fourth quarter Czechs were leading already by 10 points. However, Kalev still had a chance. Armands Skele, Devin Gibson and Indrek Kajupank each contributed and score was 78:81 – 14 seconds to go. But last word belonged to opponents- 34 year old Radoslav Rancik, who was the top-scorer of the game, made one of his last free-throws to set the final score to 78:82.

Rancik, who made six of his eight 3-point attempts, was assisted by Rasid Mahalbasic with 16 and Pavel Houska, Jiri Welsch and Vojtech Hruban accordingly by 12, 10 and 10 points.

Top scorer for Kalev/Cramo was Armands Skele with 19 points. Ty Abbott added 10, Frank Elegar 11 (8 rebounds) and Bamba Fall 10 points (9 rebounds)

Kalev won the rebounding battle 35:30 (offensive boards 12:4), but were behind in shooting % – 44 to 55, which determined the result of the game.

Alar Varrak: „ We have few things to consider about the tall guys game. Second game in row tall guys from opposing team made us the most of trouble. During the course of the game we tried to change few things defensively, but somehow on the court it didn’t show. Our offence is not quite „there“yet, but that is no excuse, because it just very beginning of the season and all teams are in similar position in regards that. Of course Rain Veideman injury affected our game also.”

Kestutis Kemzura: „ I’m happy about the win. Coming here we knew it was going to be a tough game, especially when we are missing our 3 main players. First half we were struggling defensively but second half we got our momentum going and managed to stop Kalev 3-4 consecutive possessions and we got the lead.”

Armands Skele: „ I feel that we executed poorly in defense, especially in 1 on 1 situation. We need more time to get our game going, we have just had few games and I have just joined the team 2 weeks ago. It was our first home game and expectations were high, but we just need some more time.”

Next game in VTB league is on the 20th of October at Saku Arena when Kalev hosts Nizhny Novgorod team.



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