Horrible storyline09-02-2016


BC Kalev/Cramo has played a few hollywood-worthy games this season in VTB, today was maybe the best example for this when they faced Loimaa Bisons. The game could be described as an average horror movie where the main character gets away from the bad monster a few times too close and everybody are expecting a happy ending but then the hero is cut in half with a chain-saw.

Without Rain Veideman and Janar Soo Kalev went on a tear in the third after a below average half (36:48) ending the third quarter 33:17 in which Arbet had 10 points. Then something changed and in the fourth Bisons again dominated winning it 33:17, so Kalev lost the game 86:98 – in their fourth game against each other Loimaa Bisons got their first win! Kalev continues with 4 wins and 13 losses while Bisons who have surprised a lot of people have 7 wins and 13 losses.

Morris Curry had a good all-around game with 16 points, 7 assists and 5 steals while forwards Erik Keedus and Rolands Freimanis added 15 and 14 points. Shawn King had his first double-double in his first VTB game with 10 points and 11 rebounds. Marin Zeno had 25, Jacob Burtschi 17 and Tuuka Kotti 15 points for Bisons.

Coach Varrak admitted after the game than the opponents deserved the win more and added: ” They started great, on offense and defense, while we lost our rythm. During the half we managed to change a few things but losing three players from our starting five has affected us but it’s not an excuse in any way.”


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