Home court didn’t help20-10-2013


Unfortunate journey for Kalev/Cramo in international leagues continues. In the 3rd game of the VTB United League Kalev had to face loss to Nizhny Novgorod 84:92 (32:52). Tyshawn Abbott led all scorers by amazing 35 points; Armands Skele added 17 and Tanel Sokk 10 points. „Twin-towers“ Frank Elegar and Bamba Fall had accordinlgy 6 and 5 points.

Best scorer for the winners was Slovenian Primoz Brezec with 18 points. Vladimir Ivlev contributed with 14, Brandon Paul with 13 points.

Luke Babbitt, coming from NBA, who had his first official game of the season saw 4 minutes of playing time and went scoreless.

Kalev started out good. Armands Skele scored first 7 points, putting Kalev up 7:6. But from this point on Nizhny Novgorod controlled the game till the end of first quarter 14:22.

Tanel Sokk and Ty Abbott both scored couple of times and Kalev was in the game again. At the 14th minute mark, score was 26:28. The following was catastrophe for Kalev. At the half-time scoreboard showed 21-point lead to Nizhny Novgorod – 32:53.

But Kalev had not said its last word yet. From 35:59 home team made 19:0 run in 4minutes! Ty Abbott scored 19 points in 7 minutes. Third quarter ended 65:68.

Kalev managed to take the lead 69:68 and 71:70. But like many times before, Kalev didn’t have the last power to take the win. Rushed shots, missed free-throw’s and turned over balls gave Nizhny Novgorod chance to take the lead 73:82. However Kalev wasn’t beaten yet. Abbott made his 5th 3-pointer and score was hopeful for Kalev 79:82. But that was it. Kalev had no more power to take the game. Nizhny Novgorod made last eight pints from free -throws final score 84:92.

Zoran Lukic: „I’m happy that we won, but I’m not happy about the way we played, especially second half. Kalev came out very aggressively and we didn’t really adapt to this. I think Kalev is a good team and they will be tough opponent to any team“

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