Finally! Win in VTB United League27-10-2013


Kalev/Cramo finally wrote their first win in international leagues into tables when on Sunday they got their win over BC Donetsk in VTB United League 86:80.

Kalev players made 9 long-range shots compare to Donetsk’s 5 and dominated offensive boards 18:13.

Armands Skele scored 15, Tanel Sokk and Vlad Moldoveanu 14, Frank Elegar 12 and Rain Veideman 11 points. For Donetsk Ben McCauley had 23, Marco Killingsworth 19 points.

Until Sunday, BC Donetsk had seen only wins in their official games this season, amongst them 2 wins in VTB United League – over Spartak and Nymburk.

Kalev totally dominated first three quarters of the game. Tanel Sokk and Armands Skele scored first points to put the lead 9:2 on the scoreboard. On the 7th minute mark Rain Veideman, who returned from the injury break, put home team up with his 3-pointer already by 13 points 19:6. First quarter to Kalev 26:14.

Second quarter was little bit better for visitors; they made 9:1 run and were trailing at on point by 8.  However, Kalev won first half 41:32

Kalev continued to dominate in the 3rd quarter – Abbott, Sokk and Veideman showed great shooting behind the arch – finishing 64:45

Kalev continued to build up their lead. Moldoveanu and Abbott both made 3-s and Kalev was leading already by 24. (72:48). Seven minutes to go Abbott made the score to be 74:50. That was Kalev’s last basket from the game.

Following was a disaster for home team. In 4 minutes Donetsk made 19:1 run and when there was 3 minutes to play, Kalev was up only by 8 points. (75:69). During this run, Kalev received technical foul (Bamba Fall), which Donetsk took full advantage off – they had 5-point possession and made Kalev turn ball over 4 times.

Marco Killingworth (Donetsk) received his 5th foul 2 minutes before the end of 4th quarter. Moldoveanu, Skele, Veideman each made points from free-throws and Kalev was still leading by 8 points. Kalev scored last 12 points from free-thorws. Final score: Kalev 86, Donetsk 80.

Head coach of Kalev/Cramo Alar Varrak was pleased with the first victory of international leagues:“ We played exactly the way you suppose to play for first 33 minutes, unfortunately last 7 minutes of the game weren’t so good. Probably we had a „fear to win“. Donetsk started to play extremely aggressive in defense and our offence wasn’t running that good any more. If we can play whole game like we played today first 33 minutes, we can play equally against good European teams. We can be successful if all our players contribute. Today we played that way. We needed this win badly. People, who understand basketball, understand that we have not been playing bad, we have just been lacking success in executing in details, which has been the reason in our recent losses.”

BC Donetsk Head Coach Valerii Plekhanov: „ Our team only played for last 8 minutes. Kalev came out to win this game, we came just to play. “

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