BC Kalev/Cramo will face Karposh Sokoli from Macedonia in FIBA Champions League qualifier31-07-2017


The draw for Champions League qualifiers and groups took place in Switzerland in the head office of FIBA. 

With the fourth seeding BC Kalev/Cramo drew Karposh from Macedonia, who finished second in Macedonia after losing in the finals 2-3 to MZT Skopje and 10th in Adriatic League with 10 wins and 16 losses, as their first opponent in the qualifiers.

Thanks to home court advantage BC Kalev/Cramo will play the first game in Macedonia on the 19th of September. Two days later the teams will meet in Saku Suurhall. If Kalev manages to move on from the first round they will face Hungary’s Alba Fehérvár, who are five time title winners and reigning champions in Hungary. First game would be held on 24th of September in Estonia and the second on 26th in Hungary.

If Kalev manages to win against Alba they will meet Turkish team Pinar Karsiyaka in the final qualifying round. The team finished ninth in Turkey last season and got to the quarter finals in Europe League.

Alar Varrak: “ Draw as a draw is! You can always do better, but you could always to worse! Logistically the opponents aren’t in the best places but we will manage. Karposh Sokoli should be a very playable team, based on their previous achievements.

Taking into consideration Hungary’s basketball and the teams history, Alba should be a team with a bit bigger budget but in the same time we don’t know their roster so it’s hard to make any predicitons.

Pinar Karsiyaka is a very strong team, nothing would be easy against them!”



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