BC Kalev/Cramo signed Rolands Freimanis31-10-2014


BC Kalev/Cramo signed Latvian National Team player Rolands Freimanis who last year played in Juzõni Himik in Ukraine. He also participated in Eurocup where he averaged 8,9 points and 3,7 rebounds, in Ukranian league he averaged 10,4 points and 4,2 rebounds. Earlier in his career he has played for different Latvian clubs but also in Spain and in Italy.

Coach Varrak commented about the signing: “Unfortunately some players didn’t play to the level needed in VTB League thats why we are forced to sign a big who will help Frank Elegar who can’t play 40 minutes every game. Regarding Veidemans injury we need to shuffle the roster a little bit.”

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